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Until Then (BPS22), 2021
Line Sitter: Elvin Williams (@sold_inc)
Fauteuil/armchair: @francois_bauchet

In 2012, the Same Ole Line Dudes invented a new profession: that of line sitter. They would wait on New York sidewalks on behalf of impatient consumers intent on having one of the first iPhones or a front-row seat at a play – but without the chore of having to wait in line.
In spring 2021, in Belgium, a person notified the doctors several times of her desire to cease living in order to cut short her suffering.
At the exact time of her death, Elvin Williams will leave the BPS22.
The performance Until Then has been activated three times: Biennale de Melle (26 days and 12 hours of waiting, from 30 June to 25 July 2018), Galerie untilthen (19 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes of waiting, from 5 to 24 September 2019) and the MAC VAL (10 days and 12 hours of waiting, from 5 to 16 March 2020).

En 2012, les Same Ole Line Dudes inventent un nouveau métier, line sitter. Ils attendent sur les trottoirs new-yorkais pour les impatients désirant le nouvel iPhone ou le premier rang d’une pièce de théâtre sans le désagrément d’une file d’attente.
Au printemps 2021, en Belgique, une personne a notifié à plusieurs reprises aux médecins sa volonté de ne plus vivre afin d’abréger sa douleur.
A l’heure exacte de sa mort, Elvin Williams quittera le BPS22.
La performance Until Then a été activée à 4 reprises : Biennale de Melle (26 jours et 12 heures d’attente du 30 juin au 25 juillet 2018), galerie untilthen (19 jours, 10 heures et 30 minutes d’attente du 5 au 24 septembre 2019) et MAC VAL (10 jours et 12 heures d’attente du 5 au 16 mars 2020).
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Text: @anthony_van_den_bossche
(c) photo: @leslieartamonow

EXHIBITION @bps22_charleroi
09.10.2021 – 09.01.2022

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EXHIBITION > 09.10.2021 – 09.01.2022
« L’avant-dernière version de la réalité » is the first big museum exhibition in Belgium by the artistic duo comprising David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin. Bringing together existing work with new creations produced exclusively for the @bps22_charleroi , the exhibition is a perspective of their work over the past 15 years. It allows us to appreciate the uniqueness and consistency of their approach and their definitive conceptual world.
L’avant-dernière version de la réalité est la première grande exposition muséale, en Belgique, du duo d’artistes constitué de David Brognon et Stéphanie Rollin. Rassemblant des œuvres existantes et de nouvelles productions, l’exposition met en perspective une démarche initiée il y a près de 15 ans. Elle permet aussi de mesurer la singularité et la cohérence de l'univers formel et conceptuel du duo.
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Our video « L’Haleine des Statues (I) », 2019 is actually on display at @fondationboghossian for the Limited Edition Art Fair #LEAF2021 until tomorrow. #brognonrollin #contemporaryart #collector #video #videoart #statue #spiderweb #fondationboghossian
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FIAC Online – Can celestial omens come to you through the daily newspapers? In “Classified Cloud”, an evaporating cloud was photographed at five stages of its disappearance. Each stage was published in the ads section of five different newspapers.
We are pleased to announce that this work has been selected by Bernard Blistène as one of his top pick for @fiacparis online viewing rooms.

Première Ligne (Luxembourg), 2020
”As a kind of unexpected portrait of an individual resident of Luxembourg City, this piece in neon lights traces the fate and heart lines found in the palm of their hand. They are one of the many ‘essential workers’ who held the line during the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020. Located in a very public place, it is meant as a tribute to all the unsung heroes of this pandemic. With its sudden majesty, it dignifies the contributions of all these people” @villedeluxembourg @welcometoskin #villedeluxembourg #contemporaryart #art #publicart #brognonrollin